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a good mix of junior, medior and senior professionals in your team is most productively


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“I had a positive and efficient collaboration with Jungle Guilds, swiftly identifying the right professional for Hogeschool van Amsterdam. The communication was both personal and insightful, demonstrating thoroughness in addressing our needs. They provided well-crafted scenarios for helping us finding the right professional. They showcased attention to detail and a transparent work methodology, which enhanced our satisfaction with them. We recommend Jungle Guilds to companies who are seaking professionals to join their company/team”

a word from Faiza Berrich

what do you get if you hire a seniored digital expert

  • experience
    our professionals are very experienced working for reputable companies, agencies and smaller clients
  • trustworthy
    they are trustworthy and very skilled in their trade
  • flexible
    we have a pool of professionals who can take on both full- and part time work
  • fast onboarding
    due to theire extensive experience there is a very short onboarding period

8000+ Jungle Guilds & Cronos professionals

we offer over 9000 professional to help your company/department or team with your goals.

for companies

do you need experts quickly or permanently? Let us help you find the expert that fit your company or project

finding temporary expert

Our network of 8000+ digital experts always immediately offers the expert you are looking for. With our in depth screening and our selection process we always find the expert for a temporary position. Based on the job description we start a search in our network and provide you as quick as possible matching resumes

finding permanent resources

Having difficulties with finding that expert that will join your company permanently? With our network and experience in finding the right expert we help you with writing the vacancy and start the search for you. We ask for a one time one retainer fee to cover the time that we spent in recruiting the right candidate.

how we work?

here are the steps we take


preliminary scan and draft vacancy


recruitment and selection


first exploratory interviews


candidates meet clients


we take care of the agreement and all the paperwork

how our experts help you grow

both our seniored experts and young professionals offer you

  • expertise
    all of our seniored experts are the most experienced in their field and onboarding take the least amount of time. Our young professionals are junior/medior and eager to grow. They bring the newest updated skills while being backup by theire senior mentor
  • personality
    both seniored experts and young profesisonals are selected to join us base just as much on their personality as their skillset. We and you need them to be social, teamplayers, good in communication and positive in their attitude.
  • skills
    depending on what type of expert you are looking for, the will have all the required skills. UX designer or project manager? They’re fully equiped with what you need. Put them into action right away
talk about the best fit

they have mastered the skills your team or projects needs

  • creating content
  • co-creation
  • pro level Figma
  • hosting workshops
  • copy writing / UX writing
  • coding
  • stakeholder management
  • A/B testing
  • auto layout and prototyping
  • advertising

how can we help
your company?

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