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we help you find reputable clients to work with

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we help you find reputable clients to work with

” I experienced our collaboration with the Jungle Guilds team as very pleasant. The team responded quickly, knew what our need was and provided us the right profiles we needed. I would highly recommend them

a word from Olivier Taheij


what do we offer you

  • clients
    we have network with 100+ reputable clients to work with
  • variaty in duration
    we offer a variaty of short and long time projects
  • trustworthiness
    trust is a two-way street. All our clients and all the professional we work with are known to be trustworthy
  • the Cronos network
    Cronos has a huge network within the Benelux to work, learn and socialize with

who you are

  • you are a digital professional looking to find companies and clients to work with
  • you adjust easily in new environments
  • flexible

900+ professionals connecting with 100+ clients

we can connect 900+ professionals with the 100+ companies in our network, do you join?

who could you work for

Maartje content manager at Kindergarden

Throughout my assignment, the Jungle Guilds team consistently monitored progress on a bi-weekly basis. they really look out for me and seek to the best possible outcome for the client and me as a professional

Tymen lead UX/UI designer at Omoda

As a Visual and UX/UI Designer, I consistently seek opportunities to challenge the status quo by designing products and services that enhance the customer experience. The assignment at Omoda was an ideal intersection of these objectives during my in between-jobs phase.

Ian visual designer at EPSON

Through Jungle Guilds, I had the privilege to nurture my professional growth as a young talent and collaborate with the Epson design team. The matchmaking prowess of Jungle Guilds played a pivotal role in fostering my significant personal development.

are you the professional to bridge the gap with?

who are our clients looking for?

  • UX designers and researchers
  • front- and back end developers
  • visual designers
  • content managers
  • online marketeers

how does this work?

here are the steps to take


apply for the professional pool and fill out the requested information


we reach out to you to schedule a short 20 min call to get to know each other


you become part of our professionals pool and we inform you about new vacancies


if your profile and the application are a match we share your resume and availability with the client


the client will invite you for one or multiple interviews


we take care of the agreement and all the paperwork

anything unclear?

you can’t find the answer you’re looking for below? Feel free to send us a message

how will I know if my resume is received

we have the aim to give you a response within 2 working days. please reach out to us, if you have not received a reaction. you can e-mail us on

who are Jungle Guilds clients

we have different kind of clients, active in different areas. but in most cases, assignments are with corporate organizations

how much margin does Jungle Guilds take on my hour rate

this depends on the budget of the client and the duration of the assignment. we are always open and transparant about how much margin we take

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